About Dual Sport Day Trips

About Dual Sport Day Trips

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How We Started Riding Dual Sports

We’re a group of friends that all have different stories. I started riding street bikes and never really had experience on dirt. A group of brothers I ride with grew up on a ranch and rounded up the cattle on dirt bikes instead of horses, so they practically grew up on motorcycles.  Another friend used to ride dirt bikes when he was younger. At some point we all started riding together. We all had street bikes (Harleys and a sport bike) and would head out and ride up to The Mishawaka to grab lunch and then head home. Those were great times, but after a while, we lost interest in riding the same roads over and over again.

Then one day one of the brothers said, “Man, I see all these dirt roads cutting off all these paved roads and I wanna see where they go.” He did something about it by getting an old KLR 650. As soon as the rest of us saw how much fun he was having, we all got KLRs too. And that opened us up to the amazing world of dual sport riding.

Why I Started This Website

When we started riding Dual Sports, I ended up doing most of the research for trails. I loved the idea of exploring the Colorado Front Range and finding abandoned mines and ghost towns. I’d spend hours looking at maps and satellite images trying to figure out what we could ride next. When I couldn’t tell on the computer where a trail went, I’d jump on my bike and go figure it out in person. There were lots of times when the trail wouldn’t go through due to a gate or private property, or maybe the trail just dead ended. When I’d find a good route, I’d take the other guys out and show them what I’d found. After a few years of researching, riding and exploring, I realized I’d amassed a huge collection of trails and roads that could be strung together for awesome day trips. So I decided to share this information with my fellow Dual Sport and adventure riders.

But There Are Already Trail Guides for Colorado

You may be saying, “There are already guidebooks out there for trails and free websites with lots of information. Why should I pay to use your website?” I agree, there are tons of guidebooks out there for jeeps, dirt bikes, quads, and side-by-sides. And there are tons of free websites with information on trails in Colorado. And to be honest, I’ve probably looked at almost all of them. But none of those guidebooks or websites are specifically designed for Dual Sport riding. Trust me! If you’re looking at a quad trail guidebook and it describes a trail as easy, that means it’s easy for a quad. That same trail on a heavy Dual Sport or Adventure motorcycle can be brutal.

So what I’ve done is researched and RIDDEN trails that are Dual Sport friendly (and a few that weren’t so friendly). I’ve taken all of the wrong turns down trails that continued through a stream and down a 2-foot waterfall or trails that simply ended at a closed gate onto private property. In short, I’ve ridden all the trails you DON’T want to ride so you can ride only the trails you DO want to ride. Then I’ve provided maps, GPS coordinates of trailheads, downloadable GPX files that you can import into your GPS unit, photos, videos, trail descriptions and ratings so you can head out and enjoy the amazing roads and trails without the hassle and hard work of researching and finding where to ride.

How I Rate Trail Difficulty

Trail difficulty is a single rating based on multiple factors. Basically this equates to how hard the trail is to ride. Some factors taken into account include whether the surface of the trail is smooth gravel or large loose rocks (baby heads, in the parlance of our time). We also look at how steep the trail is. Next we consider how difficult it is to follow. For instance, some of the trails above Central City are relatively easy to ride, but staying on the correct trail, among the maze of trails in that area, can be rather difficult (especially if you haven’t purchased our GPX files).

In all cases, the rating is based on the most difficult section of the trail and not the average difficulty. So if a trail has one section that is really steep with large boulders (like Kinsgston Peak), that entire trail will be rated as difficult. The last thing we want is for you to have to ride a section of trail that is above your level of expertise. Riding is supposed to be fun, and with our difficulty rating system, you’ll know exactly what you’re going to ride.

About Me

Howdy! I’m Mike, the owner and sole content creator for Dual Sport Day Trips. I started riding motorcycles more than 20 years ago. I rode street and loved it. But like many of you, I noticed dirt and gravel roads heading off into the woods and mountain meadows and wanted to explore them. So I got a Dual Sport and started riding. Long story short, after years of research and exploration, I’ve amassed a huge cache of information on where to ride in the Colorado Front Range. I’ve decided to share that information with you. I look forward to you enjoying the Colorado Front Range as much as I have.

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