Paved Roads - Southern Front Range of Colorado

Mountain Passes, Canyons and Wide Open Vistas

Here in the Southern Front Range, the roads seem to encircle the dirt areas you’ll want to ride. But don’t think that means these paved borders are boring. They reveal amazing mountain views, giant granite boulders and domes, and moon-like landscapes around each corner. And while you’re cruising on these paved roads to and from your dirt trailhead, we promise you’ll have a giant smile on your face.

South Platte River

Paved Roads of the Southern Front Range of Colorado

The Southern Front Range has a different feel than further north. Here the landscape is more varied with high mountain passes along I-70, wide open areas in the middle and canyons in the south. Guanella Pass, Squaw Pass and Highway 24 cruise right below 14,000 foot peaks and South Foxton Road and South Elk Creek Road both crawl up beautiful canyons that you’ll want to turn around and ride again.

One of the most striking features of this area is the Hayman Burn Area. Human-caused in 2002, this wild-fire burned over 138,000 acres of forested land. Even this charred earth is beautiful as it continues to regenerate and once again become vibrant. You’ll go through the heart of the burn-area on dirt trails, but you’ll drive around the periphery on paved roads. It was the paved roads that acted as natural fire breaks and allowed fire fighters easy access to battle the flames.

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