South Front Range Colorado

Varied Terrain from High-Altitude Mines and Steep Dirt Trails to Wide Open Vistas

Argentine Peak off the Santiago Mine Trail

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South Front Range Trails and Roads

Blanketing 3,900 square miles of spectacular landscape, the Colorado South Front Range gives you variety galore. Fitting inside I-70 to the north, I-25 to the east, Highway 50 to the south and Highway 9 to the west, this area has something different around every corner. From high-altitude mines south of I-70, to the oddly stunning moonscape devastation leftover from the 2002 Hayman wild fires, to the red soil in Rampart Range and the never-ending curves along the South Platte River, there’s something for everyone.

The South Front Range has hundreds of trails. We’ve included what we feel are the most stunning and accessible. Once you’ve had a chance to try these, we know you’ll be back for the hundreds of other spur and offshoot trails that beg to be explored. After all, it’s called Adventure Riding for a reason.

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